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MB Stainless

Orthos Dual Head Can Filler

Orthos Dual Head Can Filler

Just like the two-headed dog of Greek mythology, Orthos, this dual-headed can filler will perform like a beast in your canning line, doubling your fill rate and taking the stress out of canning day.

Programming the fill height and CO2 purge time is quick & easy and only requires pushing a single button to program your settings on either fill head. Once your settings are locked in, the LED ring will give you the green light to procced and filling and purging will execute automatically with a single push of the button. The Orthos Dual Head Can Filler utilizes an aero-grade pressure sensor to measure the height of the fill and is accurate to +/- 1mm for remarkably consistent fills each and every time.

We have designed the Orthos Filler to be a showcase for your taproom or home brewery, featuring a heavy stainless steel case and the necessary hardware for wall mounting or table use. The Orthos can be easily adjusted to fill any size can up to 32 oz Crowlers, and if need be, you can have two different style cans filling at the same time. The drip tray will help catch any potential spills throughout the filling process and features a drain that can be routed to a collection bucket or floor drain.

The cleaning process is just as easy as the filling process! Just attach a keg of water or beer line cleaner and run a fill cycle to clean out the product from the machine. The beer flows seamlessly through pinch valves, eliminating any internal cavities that need to be cleaned. The drip tray is conveniently removable for a quick wash after each use. When it's time for maintenance, simply swap out the beer tubing!


  • Fittings / tubing to connect to 8mm Duotight inputs
  • Wall Mount & Feet
  • Drip tray

You May Also Need:

  • A keg of beer and connections
  • CO2 regulator(s) to push beer to the Orthos and to hook up the purge line (the purge pressure can not exceed 3 PSI
  • Keg connections


  • Dual heads to fill two cans simultaneously
  • Stainless steel case
  • Consistent Fills
  • Drip tray, wall mount, & feet included
  • High fill accuracy
  • Easy programming
  • Fills still or carbonated products
  • Timed purging
  • Beer and CO2 inputs are 8mm Duotight


  • Wall Mounted: 14-3/4" H x 7-7/8" W x 3" D
  • Table Mounted:
    • 12 oz can: 15-3/4" H
    • 32 oz Crowler: 17-3/4" H
    • 7-7/8" W x 8" D

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