MB is the commercial equipment production division of MoreFlavor, Inc.. We started welding brewing systems in California during the late 1990’s and MB was named with respect to our original brand MoreBeer!. That make-it DNA is still alive and well as we have an in-house metal fabrication shop with welders on staff for both R&D as well as production. Bottle fillers, Keg fillers, yeast brinks, and various other pieces of equipment are still produced in house. Our larger equipment is designed in house and produced internationally with a selection of curated manufacturing partners. To ensure quality, QC checks are signed off at the factory and upon receipt in our USA warehouses.  

Our team includes a diverse selection of hands-on experience with former Brewmasters, Master Distillers, and commercial winemakers working hand in hand with our product designers. Our equipment reflects this experience with cleanability, ease-of-use, and durability as our primary design criteria. The MB team works in our California facility where they have access to our metal shop for research and development.  

Equipment is distributed from MoreFlavor! warehouses (over 175,000 square feet) in California and Pennsylvania. Orders can be placed directly on MoreBeerPro.com or MoreWinePro.com.