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MB Stainless

Mash Tun | Insulated | 7 bbl

Mash Tun | Insulated | 7 bbl

Our 7 bbl Insulated Mash Tun features slotted 3-piece false bottom, adjustable-height sparge arm, 4" TC port for optional grist hydrator, and a host of other key features guaranteed to satisfy the expectations of today’s pro brewer.

The mash tun has a slotted plate screen with a large grain out port on the side. The optional hydrator allows you to mix grain with hot liquor if you have your mill or grist case above the mash tun. There is a large top access for manual stirring. The walls of the mash tun are insulated to provide stable mashing temperatures. While intended for a single infusion mash, step mashing can be performed by recirculating through a heat exchanger. The sparge arm is adjustable in height and intended to have an inch of water above the grain and have the bottom of the diverted plate resting on top of the grain for low oxygen pickup during recirculating and sparging. We recommend using a grant to avoid creating suction on the bottom of the mash screen. It is possible to pull 23,000 lbs of force on the screen with a pump, and a fully stuck mash and even partial vacuums can produce significant force. Alternatively, you can install a vacuum breaker ahead of the pump. Replacement screens are available for special order.

We strongly recommend using a wort grant when pumping off the mash tun to avoid the possibility of collapsing the screens.

MB professional brewing equipment is designed by our in-house team of R&D designers. Brewhouse design is led by Colin Kaminski, a product designer who became a brewmaster for 15 years and combined both skills into brewing equipment design. Cleanability, ease of use, and durability are our primary design criteria. Large-scale equipment is manufactured internationally, while our in-house metal shop gives us the unique ability to perform R&D and fabricate as needed. Quality control is executed at our factory and upon receipt in our warehouses.

Mash Tun Features:

  • Insulated for low heat loss
  • Slotted 3 pieces false bottom
  • Large side grain out door
  • Removable grain out chute
  • 4" TC grain inlet port for optional grist hydrator
  • Adjustable Height Sparge Arm for better HSA performance
  • Sparge Arm has two inlets, HLT and Recirculation.
  • Large top lid for easy stirring
  • PT100 Probe
  • Analog Temp Gauge
  • 450+ lbs Grain Capacity
  • Internal LED Light

Mash Tun Specifications:

  • Grade 304 Stainless Steel
  • Internal Finish: #2B
  • Tank Height: 59"
  • Height w/ Hydrator: 75"
  • Tank Diameter: 50"
  • Empty Weight: 925 lbs
  • Working Volume: 7 bbl
  • Max Volume: 9 bbl
  • Manway: 20.8" x 16.9"
  • All ports are 1.5" TC except for 4" TC Sparge Arm Port, 4" TC Grist Hydrator Port, DN80 LED Light Port
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