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MB Stainless

Hop Back Tank | 100L

Hop Back Tank | 100L

Infusing hops or fruit has never been easier. This 100L tank has a large basket to hold whole hops, pellet hops, fruit or anything else you need to infuse into your beer. There is a side outlet port above the bottom dump so any sediment is separated. The basket is made from perforated plate with a fine mesh screen. The basket measures 15 Ø x 17.5 tall and holds 13.4 gallons (50L).


  • Made from 304 stainless steel
  • 26.4 gal (100L)
  • 1.5" tri-clamp ports
  • Fittings included
    • (3) 1.5" Butterfly Valves w/ clamps & gaskets
    • (1) 1.5" T.C. PRV (1 BAR)
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