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MB Stainless

Electric Hot Liquor Tank | 3.5 bbl

Electric Hot Liquor Tank | 3.5 bbl

Our 3.5 bbl Electric Hot Liquor Tank features three 9,000W heating elements, insulated walls for energy efficiency, a condensation ring, and a host of other key features guaranteed to satisfy the expectations of today’s pro brewer. A float switch is pre-installed just above the heating elements, intended to protect the elements from running dry. The device comes unwired and must be included in a circuit to function.

MB professional brewing equipment is designed by our in-house team of R&D designers. Brewhouse design is led by Colin Kaminski, a product designer who became a brewmaster for 15 years and combined both skills into brewing equipment design. Cleanability, ease of use, and durability are our primary design criteria. Large-scale equipment is manufactured internationally, while our in-house metal shop gives us the unique ability to perform R&D and fabricate as needed. Quality control is executed at our factory and upon receipt in our warehouses.

Hot Liquor Tank Features:

  • Oversized to allow mashing and sparging without having to top off
  • Insulated walls for safety and energy efficiency
  • Condensation Trap so no flue is used
  • Sight Gauge to check volume
  • Fill Port
  • Tapered Bottom w/ Center Drain
  • Float Switch to protect the electric elements from running dry (wiring required)
  • Powered by three 9,000-watt 3-phase 208V elements
  • Total Amperage Draw: 75 amps at 3ph 208V
  • The kettle must be grounded
  • PT100 Temp Sender
  • Analog Temp Gauge for quick reading
  • Internal LED Light

Hot Liquor Tank Specifications:

  • Grade 304 Stainless Steel
  • Internal Finish: #2B
  • Tank Height: 61"
  • Tank Diameter: 47"
  • Empty Weight: 375 lb
  • Working Volume: 4.5 bbl
  • Max Volume: 5.1 bbl
  • All ports are 1.5" TC except for DN350 Manway, DN19 Condensation Pipe, 4" TC CIP Port, 2" TC Element Ports, 4" Welded Vent

Important Electrical Notes:

  1. This unit is supplied without controls for the electric elements.
  2. The power requirements listed represent actual amperage draw. Please consult a licensed electrician to determine what amperage breaker is required based on your local codes.
  3. This Electric Hot Liquor Tank requires a professional electrician for installation.
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