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MB Stainless

Cold Brew Coffee System | 10 bbl

Cold Brew Coffee System | 10 bbl

The MB Cold Brew Coffee System is a self-contained electric brewhouse used for producing commercial batches of cold brew coffee. After coffee grounds and water are added to the tank, the mixing rake system ensures even distribution and full infusion of grounds and water. Program your preferred brewing temperature between 35-80°F, and the controller will automatically circulate coolant through the tank's cooling jacket to maintain your set temperature. When extraction is complete, the coffee is recirculated until it runs clear, and then passed through a filter on its way to a holding tank where it can be stored until packaging.


  • Coffee ground hydrator
  • Button control panel
  • Glass grant w/ CIP
  • Brew deck & viewing port
  • Liquid level sight gauge
  • Built-in centrifugal pump
  • Pipeline sight glass
  • Square manway & chute
  • All tri-clamp butterfly valves / fittings included
  • Required Power: 3 kW
  • 230V 60Hz, 3-Phase
  • Approximately 94.5" x 80.7" x 101.5"
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